there's a stone for the things forgotten

in the year 6057

historian: over the last few years we have explored most parts of the prehistoric "the internet" and have come across a gathering of young adults called "tumblr".
historian: we discovered a large amount of "slash" which has lead us to believe that 99% of 21st century humans were homosexual. we do not yet understand how the species managed to surivive
historian: we also uncovered a never before seen language on "tumblr". Words and phrases such as "omg", "wat", "this shit cray" and "yolo" have been deciphered, but more complex sentences such as "dslfajsdlj no stop i can't evensldfjaldjaf" have yet to be understood
historian: and it seems that the third season of an ancient "television programme" is being released in the next few years. We have yet to uncover what the cries of "MOFFAT" and phrases such as "reichenfeels" and "johnlock" mean
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