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How to get Adobe Photoshop CS6 Free:
[Disclaimer: This only works on Windows]

Things you’ll need:
 Adobe Photoshop CS6
[you can download it from the official site here // I have also uploaded the set-up file here: RAR | ZIP
64 Bit: RAR | ZIP 
86 Bit: RAR | ZIP
• DeviantArt Folder (this folder contains all the files; amtlib (x64/x86)set-up fileAdobe Download Assistance) // [ZIP]

**NOTE: The AdobeDownloadAssistance is for those who are having trouble with the set-up file, you’ll still need an account with Adobe.  

If you are downloading the set-up file from the Adobe site or the file I uploaded, you’ll need to have an account because it will ask you for your username and password when you are installing Photoshop CS6. The downloading time depends on your Internet speed. You can also download the set-up file here: RAR | ZIP.
Because I won’t be providing you with a serial number you must install Photoshop CS6 as a trial, this a crucial (not really) step because otherwise the tutorial won’t work. I will try my best to be as specific as possible so you guys won’t get confused.

How to Install Photoshop:
(if you know how to install it, feel free to skip over these steps)
 Click on the Set-Up file, this box will pop-up (it usually takes about 2-3 minutes to finish)
 After the previous box finishes loading this box will appear, make sure to click where it says “Try: I want to try Adobe Photoshop CS6 for a limited time”.
 Another box will appear this time containing the Adobe Software License Agreement, click the Accept button.
 The Sing In Required Box will appear, click the Sing In button.
 Type in your Adobe ID and Password and sing in.
 Depending on your operating system select your Photoshop version. // OR YOU CAN STILL BOTH VERSIONS, is up to you :D
[To find on what system your computer operates, go to the Start Menu > Control Panel > System and Security > System > Scroll down to System Type. It will tell you the version.]
• Finish the installation. 

Now that you have Photoshop installed:
• Go to your “Computer” located in your Start Menu.
 In your “Hard Disk Drives”, click on Local Disk (C:).
 Locate your “Program Files” folder and click on it .
[ for some of you there might be two folders, in my case I clicked on Program Files (x86) but again this depends on the system your computer is operating ]
 Locate the “Adobe” folder, open it.
 Locate the “Adobe Photoshop CS6" folder, open it.
 Scroll down until you find the amtlib.dll file.
  Right click on the amtlib.dll file and rename it so it becomes amtlib1.dll
(this step is also crucial if you don’t rename the files it will NOT work, when you are renaming the files a box might appear, just click Continue. )
 Now drag the amtlib.dll (64 Bit: RAR | ZIP // 86 Bit: RAR | ZIP ) file into the Adobe Photoshop CS6 folder.
 Now you should have two .dll files, it should look like this. (your folder should contain both the amtlib.dll and the amtlib1.dll)

Some computers might require a re-start, if yours does just re-start and open your photoshop, it shouldn’t ask you for a serial number or anything, and is now an extended version not a trial.


[Here is a F.A.Q post, because on my last tutorial I got a lot of repetitive questions and it should be helpful for both you and me. Please make sure to read it, your question might already have an answer. Also be sure to check any asks I have answer, you might also find your answer there. ^^;]

That is all, have fun and enjoy :D 

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