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habys asked: nallely peanut butter and jelly

;_________; i love you with all my heart and more bb.
ashdhajsdhad. this makes me reminisce my hs days :(

Every rose has it’s thorn..

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匿名 asked: Hi. I'm using the same theme as yours. But i'm wondering about the topbar where the title and "message,resources and anwers'' links there... My links arent showing up and it shows half of my title...:/ where should i change to make it look normal like urs?

The same thing happened to me ;__; 
This is how my links look:
make sure to include the url first and then the name (:


purgatorist asked: your texture packs are so great ahhhh thank you for making them!

;___________; Ah thank you for saying that. djahndjadha

匿名 asked: Hey, lovely! Thanks so much for every thing you do! I was wondering if you will be putting up InDesign download tutorial any time soon? <3

I don’t promise anything for a few months since I do have finals and test coming up quite soon. But yes, I’ll try to post an InDesign tutorial sometime soon. Maybe within a month or so? 
Also if anyone else wants to request a tutorial please feel free to do so.

People have already requested for InDesign and Vegas!~



gothictexan123 asked: I'm trying to use your tutorial to download CS6. I renamed the file. But I don't understand what you mean when you say drag it and put it in the AdobePhotoshopCS6 folder because that's already where it is located in. Please help me out.

By that I mean that you have to drag or copy and paste the amtlib.dll I have provided (:
I hope that makes more sense for you ^^ 

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匿名 asked: hihihi sorry to annoy but whenever i use your tutorial for download cs6 extended i always end up with just cs6??? am i doing something wrong i mean i followed the steps. i dont mean to sound rude i just jsdhdfkdjhsdf. im sorry

did you use the set-up file i provided? or did you download it from the official site? there’s no need to apologize (;


Key requested by VaneKey

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50 Favourites Movies (in no specific order)

25 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

“ Hogwarts is Back in Session ”